Actors & Friends

Lisa Wolf and Gregorio Lubroth

are both teaching at the University of Applied Arts Vienna in the Institute of Architecture. Lisa, together with her colleagues, runs the Digital Fabrication Lab. Gregorio is an assistant professor at Studio Sejima. The seminar was born from a shared vision to work with students on experimental proposals for specific sites in Vienna. The seminar is thought as an opportunity not only for students from the different architectural studios but also from other departments at the university to work on multi-disciplinary group projects. To provoke dialogue and new perspectives, friends from many disciplines shared their insight with the students. Lisa and Gregorio believe that engaging with students in a collective idea encourages communication, empathy, and creativity. 




Adriana Viktoria Böck (Studio Rashid)

Alexander Ahmad (Studio Urban-Think Tank)

Alina Razgoniaeva (Studio Lynn)

Anahita Dehlavi (Studio Lynn)

Anders Krogh (Studio Urban-Think Tank)

Anni Dai (Studio Sejima)

Carmen Maria Egger (Studio Sejima)

Chen Yang (Studio Sejima)

Chien-Hua Huang (Studio Lynn)

David Rüßkamp (Studio Lynn)

Elina Sjöwall (Studio Kleber)

Ferdinand Rubach (Studio Lynn)

Gakku Jumaniyasova (Studio Rashid)

Godwin Ka Wai Cheung (Studio Urban-Think Tank)

Harry Andre Hinton-Hard (Studio Rashid)

Jade Ella  Bailey (Studio Rashid)

Jan Kováříček (Studio Rashid)

Jonathan SpaldanPaljor (Studio Sejima)

Juliette Elisa Janine Valat (Studio Sejima)

Katia Kelly Da Silva Simas (Studio Sejima)

Klidi Vucini (Studio Sejima)

Konstantin Kim (Studio Sejima)

Leonie Eitzenberger (Studio Rashid)

Madeleine Malle (Studio Urban-Think Tank)

Marko Maric (Studio Lynn)

Martin Lai (Studio Lynn)

Merve Sahin (Studio Sejima)

Michael McCann Tingen (Studio Lynn)

Mikhail Nemkov (Studio Sejima)

MiraMah'D Al-Suradi (Studio Sejima)

Oliver Rene Alunovic (Studio Sejima)

Patryk Kacper Ślusarski  (Studio Sejima)

Simon Hirtz (Studio Lynn)

Wing Yan Joyce Lee (Studio Lynn)

Yannik Kaiser (Studio Lynn)

Zachary Scott Beale (Studio Lynn)

Zarina Belousova (Studio Sejima)




Anna Paul Stuerzenbecher

Daniela Kroehnert

Elektro Gönner

Florian Reither

Hannah Rosa Oellinger

Zuzana Ernst-Moncayo